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Residents relish in friends and fun at Wye Valley

Over the years, Wye Valley has been “Home Sweet Home” to our residents. While everyone has their own story and unique reasons for moving in, most residents can agree that the atmosphere has exceeded their expectations. With a great variation of activities taking place each day of the year, residents are staying actively engaged with one another, establishing strong friendships, and creating lasting memories.
Since her move-in just over a year ago, Carole has fully taken advantage of everything Wye Valley offers. Starting her morning off with a cup of coffee and ending her day with a few late night chats and cookies with her fellow Wye neighbors, there’s a lot that takes place for Carole in between.

Carole has made many new friends since she first moved in and attributes a large part of that to how socially engaged the residents are and how much she participates in Wye’s activities, like bowling, for instance. She also enjoys playing card games and when it’s a nice day out, she loves walking the trails outside.

During her stay so far, she’s formed amazing friendships and couldn’t stop talking about how nice and welcoming everyone is. “If you talk to people long enough, you get to learn more about them,” reflects Carole, who met a friend that shares her same interest in horseback riding.

Carole’s transition from home ownership to Wye Valley has been seamless, and getting situated took not only the effort of the resident, but also of our reliable and helpful staff. All of our staff members want the residents to feel as comfortable as possible. Jeff Levine, Resident Service Coordinator at Wye Valley, plays a large role in making sure the residents’ needs are being met.

He listens, problem solves, and even acts as a therapist when duty calls—“my main goal is to have the residents live here stress and worry free.” Interacting and forming relationships with the residents has made Jeff’s job incredibly rewarding. Like him, all of our staff enjoy helping others and making people feel at home.

Most of the Wye Valley residents previously lived in their homes for 30, 40, and even 50+ years. They loved the time they spent there but longed for more social engagements and the opportunity to live a more carefree lifestyle a part from home maintenance concerns and with more time to enjoy everyday life moments.

With fantastic meals, transportation convenience, the camaraderie of residents and staff, and so much more, Wye Valley continues to be a fantastic place to live. For more information on Wye Valley or any of our living options, please call 708-485-1155.